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First things first! Any product reviewed on this site will have been used by me for at least 30 days unless it was totally disgusting and in that case I will most likely not be listing it here!

For the most part any meal replacement or protein shake reviews I post here are going to be positive ones. If a product is using “Splenda” sucralose, aspartame, or anything other type of artificial sweeteners I will not review it because I choose not to eat those ingredients. Why?? I hope to write an article about that one of these days, but long story short they are just not good for you so any shakes I use typically have stevia or other real sugars. Again just because it is real sugar does not mean you can eat spoonfuls of it all day. Moderation people…

What To Expect From My Reviews

  • If I benefit to make money via the review I will let you know
  • Ingredients of the product
  • Where it is sourced if available
  • Brutal TRUTH about magic shakes, replacements, appetite suppressants etc….

Why I Do This?

  1. I know how helpful it is to find a real truthful no scam/BS review online for a product I am really interested in. That is part of the reason I want to do this. You will notice there are not 100’s of products listed here… that is because there is no way I can try them all and be honest. Over time I will have added more, but to be honest when I find something I like I will use it for a long time.
  2. I am into fitness and helping people get back into shape or better shape! I love the internet and websites and over the years have joined the two by start websites like Fit Dad Chris & The Fit Dads to help others and keep myself motivated.  With that said I also like to make a profit from my websites so there will be times if you click a link from a product here and buy I may make a profit depending on what.
  3. There is so much bad information out there… everyone is trying to push their angle and why they have created the better mouse trap. The truth is most meal replacements or “top shakes” or really just some “white labeled” junk or loaded with fillers, artificial sweeteners, and other garbage ingredients. Although I am no “fitness expert” by any means I hope to clear some of this bad info up, but relaying some facts and brutal truths about diet & exercise.

The Ugly Truth About Meal Replacement Powders & Protein Shakes?

  • OK It is probably not that ugly…. well maybe it is! Like I said most out there really are garbage and a grade above animal feed ingredients. Everyone is out to tell you that their product is going to do it all for you…. lose weight, more energy, build muscle, taste great etc… Even the products I review will say the same thing and there is truth to it!
  • A quality product with quality ingredients is going to help you out for sure, but garbage products can help you lose weight as well and…. GET THIS…. it is no magic… It is something call CALORIE DEFICIT…..
  • Basically with calorie deficit if you can burn more calories than you eat that = weight loss. So most shakes that are designed to replace a meal or going to help you eat less calories and most likely give you the deficit you need… Get it?
  • So really what I am trying to see is a lot of them will help you lose weight, but it will not be a long term weight loss and not good for your health.
  • Now plain old protein shakes are there to help you get a quick fix of protein when you are on the go or when you are just trying to bulk up and get in more protein/calories more easily. Amino acids, fast digesting whey, slow digesting casein, all types of protein can be found in different shakes and they all serve different purposes. Most people like to go for the cheapest they can find, but again the ingredients are going to be a grade above farm animal feed.
  • I hope to put a guide together for the best things to look for in a protein shake soon so stay tuned.

How Can You Help?

  • I love any and all feedback… if you know of a product that you think is worth of a review then leave a comment below and I will take a peak or hit me up via contact form
  • If you do leave a comment please be respectful. I am not perfect… I am sure you will stumble about a mistake here and there. We are all human… any comments with cursing or racial slurs will not be tolerated.

Where Are The REVIEWS???

  • Oh yeah you came here to read some feedback on products right? Below are my current products I am using or not using 😉

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  1. Hey there Rhonda you can go here http://shakeology.com/azzari to order shakeology. You get more servings with the bav vs the pouches FYI

  2. How do I order the Shakoligy? And how much would I expect to pay? Also I’m. In Canada. Thank you

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