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I love that quote above! Are you ready for a change? Let me help!

Focus T25


T25 Is Now Available! Scroll Down Bonus Offer!

If you have done the Insanity Workout then you know it is one of the most intense workouts that are around. You also know the results you get are phenomenal. See for yourself!

The great thing about the workouts are that they are not that long, usually about 40-45 minutes, but some of the Max workouts go to 55-60 minutes. You have 25 minutes a day? This is the perfect workout for the summer!

Limited Time – Special Offer (Ends August 31th at Midnight (EST)

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For a limited the time T25 Challenge Packs (normally $205) will only be $180!

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As an extra bonus, for those of you that order a Challenge Pack from the link below, I will personally be sending you your choice of a $20


Amazon Gift Card, or the complete Hip Hop Abs Workout. What The T25 Challenge Pack Includes:

  • T25 Workout Program – $120 Value
  • A Month’s Supply Of Shakeology – $130 Value
  • A 30 day trial Team Beachbody Club membership – $12 – Value
  • FREE Shipping – Approximately $23 Value
  • Option to upgrade to a Coach for FREE at anytime – $39.95 Value
  • That’s over a $324 Value….For Only $180!!

PLUS!!…I’m throwing in a $20 Amazon Gift Card OR the Shaun T Hip Hop Abs Workout….your choice.

With A Challenge Pack, you’re getting a $344 value, for ONLY $180! (Challenge Pack Price Will Be Going Up To $205)

Click Here To Order A T25 Challenge Pack Today!

I don’t want a Challenge Pack, I just want the workout program…Click Here!

*Keep in mind, if you are just ordering the workout program, with tax and shipping, the total cost will be over $140. For just a little more, you can get a Challenge Pack that comes with a month’s supply of Shakeology, Free Shipping, and the SPECIAL BONUS!

*Important – How To Qualify & Redeem Your Bonus

Only Challenge Pack order get the $20 Amazon Gift Card or Hip Hops Abs Bonus. In order to receive theses bonuses, you must order a Challenge Pack from the link on this page, AND I (or my wife Stefanie) MUST be listed as your Coach. If you don’t have a account yet, you will be able to get the bonuses by simply ordering FROM any link on this page. You will also get the bonus if me or my wife, Chris & Stefanie Azzari are listed as your Coach. If you already have a Team Beachbody account, and want to see who is listed as your Coach, while logged in at go to—–>Connect—–My Coach (see screenshot below):


In Order To Receive Your Bonus, Make Sure it Shows “azzari” Or “stefanieazzari” As Your Coach.

Once your order is placed, simply send me over an email and leave in the subject line: “Give Me My Bonus!” In the email be sure to leave your full name, what bonus you want ($20 Amazon Gift Card or Hip Hop Abs), and your mailing address. Once I confirm your order is placed…I’ll send you your bonus!

Click Here To Order A T25 Challenge Pack Today!

I don’t want a Challenge Pack, I just want the workout program…Click Here!

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3 Responses to Focus T25

  1. Harry says:

    wow just finished the first dvd cardio. All I can say is this is intense. You have to just push for the 25 minutes, but it is well worth it. I am going to love this for the summer. Oh there is an optional 2 minute cool down as well. there is also a double workout on Friday if you want to do it. Love this!!

    • Chris says:

      You are right this workout is pretty awesome!! We are actually starting a private challenge group on facebook so if anybody wants to join just hit me up here

      This is just what the Dr ordered for the summer. Cannot wait to get started with the full program. I too have only done the first Cardio DVD and it was great!

  2. Vio says:

    Can’t wait for it!!!

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