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Insanity Certification

Well you all know how much I love the Insanity Workout and it is pretty much my go to workout when I need to get back into quick shape.

Beachbody has just launched the Insanity Certification which basically certifies you to train people on the Insanity Workout.


Is there really a need for this? I think there is simply because there are some moves that many people might need guidance on, plus it gives gym owners, personal trainers, and anyone else who wants to start up an Insanity Challenge group the tools to create a safe environment where all can benefit.

You don’t need to be a Beachbody Coach in order to get certified you just need to sign up.

Am I going to sign up? Most likely I will not sign up since one I don’t have the free time and I really don’t see myself running an Insanity class anytime soon, but part of me would like to take the class to learn more about how to perform some of the moves properly.

Who knows maybe in the future I will give it a shot.

If you want to give it a shot check out


get shakeology

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One Response to Insanity Certification

  1. Lisa Dawson says:

    Please could you send me information on the Insanity Certification workshops being held in the UK, I am really keen to sign up? Thanks Lisa

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