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      You Think I Like This Stuff?

      I would say back in 2008 I had tried out Jay Robb Egg protein and really enjoyed it. Back then I bought it on and off when I was in my “get in shape phase” then I would replace it with something unhealthy of course 😉

      Fast forward to 2014 and having made not just a 60 or 90 day commitment to get fit, but a full lifestyle change I have gone back to using Jay Robb protein. I am using the whey protein and have been for at least over a year now.

      First… Why & When Do I Use It?

      • As with anything in life moderation is key! Protein powders should not be taking the place of real food, but serve a purpose.
      • I use this twice a day. For me with 3 kids under 5 the only time for me to workout is at 5AM and I cannot be making noise that early!! Having something pre-workout is very important. You can workout on an empty stomach, but I do not recommend it. I will usually mix about 3 ounces of water and 3 ounces of milk with 1/2 of scoop of the vanilla powder in my shaker cup! I leave it in the re-fridge over night so it is ready to go when I wake up.
      • The second time I use this is usually as my late night snack or afternoon snack it all depends. Majority of the time is about 8:30 / 9:00 PM. I still do a half water/milk milk, but more milk then water and a full scoop of protein. If I worked out really hard that day I might toss in a scoop of organic peanut butter 😉 Also for an afternoon pick me up I will sometimes make 8-10oz of coffee and then toss that in a blender with some ice and a scoop of Jay Robb. No sugar or cream needed? It tastes great and gives me a nice boost of caffeine!
      • Most people will say whey protein is not the best option for bed and better for after workouts, but it is what I have used and I enjoy it. More on my post workout meal later…..

      Jay Robb Vanilla Whey Ingredients

      • Click For Ingredient Label
      • Now listen… we can all argue about ingredients and what “might” be good or bad etc… I mean jeesh you could search the internet and figure out breathing air is bad lol. With that said…
      • When I am looking for a protein shake, meal replacement, bar, snack etc… there are a few criteria I look for. I try to find something that does not have sucralose, aspartame, Acesulfame potassiumm saccharin, etc…… “You won’t find any reviews with those ingredients here unless I had some really bad experience, which I have not...”
      • I really look for stevia, natural sugars, honey etc…. Why you ask?
      • I am sure people can dig apart anything and why it “Could” be bad for you, but I try to do my research and from what I have read over the years I stay away from the artificial stuff. Do I ever eat it? Of course I do… if I am out and about and I grab something and it has it no big deal, but it is pretty rare. Heck even though honey is natural if you were to eat a jar of it a day that would be pretty bad.
      • When you read the info on the Jay Robb site you get a good idea that they are using top notch ingredients…. Non-GMO vanilla, farm-raised, pasture-grazed, grass-fed cows not treated with the synthetic bovine growth hormone rBGH* <<< yeah you see that asterik? Read below.
      • I do appreciate them listing it, but who really knows right?
      *Because rBGH-free whey is primarily obtained from small farms throughout the world, 
      there is only a limited supply. The Jay Robb Corporation secures large quantities 
      abroad each year to meet our growing needs; however, there are times when the world supply runs short.
      During these periods, we may choose to procure the highest quality domestic whey protein
      in conjunction with rBGH-free raw materials to produce our world-class whey protein.

      So How Does It Taste?

      • It tastes great! I have to say that I can pretty much stomach anything, but if something tastes bad to me there is no way I would drink it on a daily basis!
      • This protein powder is very good even when mixed with water. More creamy of course with milk and I have never even tried it with almond milk. The other great thing and this is a true sign of a quality protein powder is how it mixes in a shaker cup. If your shake is sticky and clumpy, then you might not be using the best powder.
      • Jay Robb vanilla shakes up super easy and super smooth. THERE ARE NEVER CHUNKS! I HATE CHUNKS! Seriously! I have noticed if you do use the blender it can get pretty fluffly so for the most part I just use the shaker cup.
      • It is also great to toss into a fruit smoothie to add a nice protein boost.

      Deals, Coupons, Discounts On Jay Robb Protein Powder?

      • First I do not make any money off of promoting this product. As you can see from the top picture I had quite a stash of Jay Robb LOL!
      • What they offer is an auto ship program. You can learn more here http://www.jayrobb.com/discounts/auto-ship.asp
      • Basically you save 20% and free shipping. It really creates a great price point on a super high quality protein. I get 2 bags a month shipped to me. The above picture was taking awhile back when my wife had just had our 3rd baby. I had to order two bags because she was always stealing my stuff! The last few months there she was not drinking shakes and they piled up a bit.
      • The great thing is I put my order on hold for a bit and then started it back up.
      • The customer service is great! You send an email they reply the same day and are very helpful. Unlike most customer service experiences Jay Robb support has things right!

      My Final Note

      If you have questions just ask below. It really comes down to this… if you are looking for a high quality protein supplement then give Jay Robb a shot. They have tons of other stuff as well, bars, vitamins etc… which I have not tried.

      There is only so much I can really say in a review… Great ingredients, great taste, great price… go and give it a test run and see how you like it and be sure to let me know!

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