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Shakeology and Insanity and P90X

shakeology-insanity-p90xMost people come here looking for Shakeology as a meal replacement to help them lose weight which is completely fine. It is perfect for that! It is actually perfect for a lot of things.

As you can tell from the title “Shakeology and Insanity and P90X” this post is about using Shakeology if you are doing the Insanity workout or P90X, but in all honestly this really applies to any workout you might be doing.

Recently I have been training for a Super Spartan Race actually this one right here which is tomorrow by the way ;-) I have been doing a mix of training and a big part of it has been Insanity and P90X. The whole way I have been using Shakeology as my post workout drink.  I will usually start my workout about 11:45-12AM. After that I head over to the blender and add in 1 packet of Chocolate or Greenberry Shakeology, 8-10oz of water, cup of ice, 1 banana, and a tbsp of almond butter. Yummy!! That usually blends to about 20oz and I have to tell you it is so good after a hard workout.

Benefits of Shakeology after a workout?

I am getting everything my body is craving after busting out Insanity or P90X or whatever run I just went on. I am getting 18 grams of protein from Shakeology alone, not to mention protein from the banana and the almond butter. I am getting 70+ vitamins and nutrients from shakeology and a blast of potassium from the banana. It is a nice quick meal that goes down easy and is not heavy. A lot of times after a hard workout many people cannot eat, but it is important that you refuel within 15-30 minutes of a hard workout to give your body what it needs! Now you do not have to add the banana or the almond butter, but that is typically what I like to do. Depending on my training or what I am training for I will follow up about 2 hours later with a chicken breasts, 1 avocado, and some carrots.  When I am just maintaining I will usually just have Shakeology for lunch and then a small protein bar type snack about 3 hours later.

There you have it! There is really not much to it. In my opinion and from my experience Shakeology is a great post workout drink that you can use along with Insanity and P90X or any other workout program you might be doing.

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