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Shakeology & Breastfeeding

shakeology-breastfeedingHey folks I wanted to touch base with this post since my wife is currently breastfeeding our 5 month old son.

I had given her a taste of my Chocolate Shakeology awhile back and she did not like it. Go figure ;-) She did not hate it, but she just would rather eat something else lol. So fast forward and I have become a master Shakeology maker with all my new recipes and what not, so I wanted her to try it again. So she took a sip and said “wow that is pretty good“. So  then I said “let me make you one”. Sure you can, but wait is that safe for me since I am breastfeeding?

That is a great question.

Is Shakeology safe for Breastfeeding moms?

Before I say anything else here is what it says right on the package

  • Consult with a healthcare professional if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or if you have any medical conditions.

With that said. GO TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR!! ;-)

Seriously though  you do need to speak with your doctor and my wife is going to ask hers’ at the next appointment. From my research I have seen on numerous forums , there are woman who are breastfeeding and drinking Shakeology. Some have noted their kids have had some extreme gas and others have noted their kids are perfectly fine.

What about Dairy?

  • One thing to note is “whey protein” which is derived from milk so that could cause an issue in an infant so be aware of that.

What about being Pregnant & drinking Shakeology?

  • This is definitely another one for the doctor!
  • Most would say it has to much nutrients for the fetus to handle
  • In our opinion we would hold off during pregnancy
  • Again I am reading and hearing on youtube moms have used it during pregnancy

Our Biggest Takeaway?

Like I said we are waiting to hear from my wifes’ OBGYN about drinking Shakeology and breastfeeding, but for now we are just going to hold off on it. I will continue to take my Shakeology and my wife will in the near future. Either way the Shakeology will be there after she is done breastfeeding and will help her to lose some of that post pregnancy weight and give her the energy she is going to need after chasing two kids under 3 around ;-)

My other takeaway is this. Researching on the internet I have found many people who have said they took it during pregnancy and that it was approved by their doctors. So again it really comes down to bringing the ingredients list to your doctor and hearing what they have to say. The bottom line is to talk with your Doctor and not listen to anyone on the internet even if they said they are taking it while pregnant or breastfeeding. We are all different and have different needs so please just talk to the doctor! If you need to print out the Shakeology Ingredients then go here for printable PDF’s

If you are not pregnant or breastfeeding and want to knock off some of that baby weight with the help of Shakeology then CLICK HERE

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