UX3 Protein Review

In my quest to find another protein shake that fits into my standards I have found the UX3 Shake created by John Rowley and I am definitely impressed.

If you have read other reviews on the site then you know I try to find shakes that have the best quality ingredients. This means no artificial sweeteners, like splenda, sweet & low etc… I always look for Stevia or another sugar source for sweetening and UX3 fits this.

Made In The USA

  • This is another big deal for me! I like supporting our economy!
  • Using Grassfed Cows | Non GMO & rGBH/rBST Free
  • Very similar to the Jay Robb Protein Review I did

Like most supplements that have been created by experts in the fitness industry they are usually top notch! They have the feedback from countless clients and their own experiences to tell them what type of shake people need.

How Does It Taste?

  • It tastes great!!
  • I make most of shakes the same way… little water, milk, and usually a scoop of organic peanut butter depending if I have earned it 😉
  • With this I do not use a blender. It mixes in a blender super easy and tastes super smooth! Nothing worse then making a shake that is lumpy! No bueno!


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